Who is Mean Joe?

mean-joe-storyMean Joe Advertising. Although the name might not sound inviting, it originated from a television commercial that encompasses everything that we try to do for our clients as an advertising agency. Unless you are familiar with the name “Mean Joe Greene,” you probably are quite confused; but before you assume that we are bullies waiting behind you at your locker, let us explain…

If you are in your 30’s or older, you might remember the famous Coca-Cola Commercial during Super Bowl XIV. You know the one, Steelers defensive tackle, Mean Joe Greene, limps off the field to the sound of a kid asking him to take his bottle of Coke. He then proceeds to drink the entire bottle (which totaled out to be a full 24 pack of Coke over a 3-day span of filming) and throws his jersey to the kid. How sweet right? Well, it’s not just the sweet factor that caught Mean Joe Advertising owner, Todd Berk’s eye when he was a kid.

From that moment on, Todd knew that he wanted to be part of the advertising world.  It fascinated him that a commercial, which focused on his favorite sport, although not his favorite team, could make him prefer Coke over any other soft drink. He wanted to be able to help businesses do the same, and incorporate the things that he loved with the things other people loved, in order to bring people together to buy or use a product. And, yes that includes wanting to create ultra-cool commercials in the process.

His whole life, Todd had this idea in his head. He spent about the first 20 years of his career working in radio, thinking of creative ideas to help the clients advertise their product or service. He loved it. However, he was still missing something. He wanted to go back to that childhood dream of creating cool commercials and ideas in order to help clients grow their business (cue lightbulb overhead and thought cloud of Coke commercial).

Since launching Mean Joe Advertising in 2012, Todd has continued to study marketing and advertising; learning about the many new avenues that are being made available on a daily basis.  Along with that, he has been fine-tuning the skills that have served him well in helping many businesses achieve measured success year after year.

So, yes having “mean” as the first word in a company name may sound intimidating, but really, we are the nicest group of people you will ever meet (sometimes), and if you work with us, we will not only help you grow your business, but maybe, just maybe, we will make you look intimidating as well… to your competitors that is.

Ps. Can’t recall the commercial? Check it out by clicking this link!